WS Academy

Wesley Spectrum Academy is a Private Academic School for students in need of academic, social and therapeutic support provided in a small, structured learning environment.  We serve students at risk for school failure who have struggled in their public school for one or more educational or behavioral health reason including depression, anxiety, phobias, bipolar disorder, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and drug and alcohol issues.  We provide students with a curriculum based on Pennsylvania State Standards, utilizing differentiated instruction that provides physical and emotional safety delivered by a team of professionals that integrate mental health and academic support to provide opportunities for personal growth. 

We have specialized classrooms for students with ASD and Emotional Support in addition to our general classrooms.  We also have a specialized 45 day placement program for students needing regular or special education or an interim placement. The main goal is to transition students back to their public school while maintaining or progressing academically and addressing problem behaviors.

A positive and proactive school culture and climate is a process used at Wesley Spectrum Academy for students to be able to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.  The staff at Wesley Spectrum Academy seeks to create a positive nurturing environment for all of their students.  Our decisions are data-driven which shifts the focus from reactive approaches to proactive and preventative approaches.  As our culture and student population changes, we continuously review the data in an effort to proactively meet the needs of all students.