Wesley Spectrum and Family Services of Western Pennsylvania Announce Plans to Merge

The organization will become one of the largest providers of behavioral healthcare services in the region

Wilkinsburg, PA—Wesley Spectrum and Family Services of Western Pennsylvania have announced plans to merge and jointly form Wesley Family Services, a non-profit organization that will increase accessibility to quality, community healthcare services for children, families, and adults living in Western Pennsylvania.

The merger is expected to take effect July 1, 2017 and will allow both organizations to continue providing their unique services.

“This is a landmark moment for our two individual organizations. While we both have a long history of providing quality services, geographically the areas we serve have been different. After closely examining the needs of our respective clients, we have found it will be easier to have one resource for them and their families to turn to for support. It is our belief that we will be stronger together. By uniting our two organizations we will have the opportunity to empower even more children, adults, and families by providing transformational care,” said both Doug Muetzel, CEO of Wesley Spectrum and Stephen Christian-Michaels, CEO of Family Services of Western Pennsylvania.

Traditionally, Wesley Spectrum has been known for providing education, autism, behavioral health and family support services to children and adolescents. Alternatively, Family Services has been known for providing support to adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and those dealing with vocational challenges and substance abuse disorders. Both organizations provide behavioral health services.

With the merger, all healthcare services that both organizations provide will continue, and clients will now be able to access all of the support programs that are currently available.

Founded in 1965, Wesley Spectrum provides a diverse range of autism, behavioral health, educational, foster care and family support services to children and families. Wesley operates two schools, an elementary/middle school and a high school in addition to behavioral health services provided with in schools districts. The organization also provides foster family care, adoption; outpatient mental health and substance abuse and family based mental health services. Wesley Spectrum operates eight facilities located in Bridgeville, Greensburg, Penn Hills, Upper St. Clair, Washington, Wexford, Whitehall, and Wilkinsburg which include three centers for the treatment of Autism Spectrum disorders.

Family Services of Western Pennsylvania was established in 1948 as a merger of three agencies whose history serving children, adults, and families dates back to 1885. Family Services provides behavioral health, intellectual and developmental disability community living arrangements (CLA) vocational rehabilitation, safety net programs, justice related services and substance abuse disorder support to adults and families. The organization operates 19 CLA’s and twelve program facilities located in Kittanning, New Kensington, Tarentum, Greensburg, Natrona Heights, East Liberty, O’Hara Township, Brackenridge, and Harmar Township.

Both boards have been exploring a strategic alliance between the two organizations since July 1, 2016 and voted unanimously to approve the merger in January 2017. Together, they provide quality services to more than 30,500 individuals in Southwestern Pennsylvania each year. Once the merger is complete, the administrative headquarters for the organization will be located at 221 Penn Avenue, Wilkinsburg, PA 15221.

As a single entity, Wesley Family Services will continue fulfilling both organizations’ joint mission: empowering children, adults, and families by providing transformational care.


About Wesley Spectrum

Wesley Spectrum’s mission is to provide transformational support for children and families as they strive to become more independent, responsible, and caring members of the community. Our services include education, autism, behavioral health and family support services throughout western Pennsylvania. Our array of services allows us to offer comprehensive care individualized to meet the complex needs of those we serve. For over 50 years, Wesley Spectrum has been guided by the beliefs that every person has value, every person has strengths and that the best interest of children and families need to be at the heart of all decision making. Wesley serves roughly 5,800 consumers per year.

About Family Services of Western Pennsylvania

Family Services of Western Pennsylvania’s mission is to Empower People to Reach their Full Potential. Our agency provides 45 unique services to families and individuals throughout western Pennsylvania, including a wide range of clinical and general counseling for children, adults, and families; as well as a variety of community-based social services and specialized services provided in clinics, schools and community settings. Family Services’ serves more than 25,000 people annually through a diverse range of brief as well as intensive services.