Creative Arts


The Creative Arts (CA) program offers an innovative approach to music therapy by using various multisensory methods to address behavioral, social, psychological, communication, physical, sensory-motor and/or cognitive functioning issues in children and adolescents who may be affected by autism or other childhood disorders.

The CA program has redefined the typical therapeutic group to include not only children, but invites families, as well.

Through the combination of dance/movement, drama, music, and poetry, the expressive arts support the potential for positive developmental outcomes. Wesley’s CA program serves as a valuable force in helping children and families in therapeutic, rehabilitative, community or educational settings foster health, communication and expression.

Board Certified Music Therapist Katie Harrill coordinates and directs services along with her talented staff of Creative Arts Facilitators through the WS Creative Arts Program. Music therapy also uses creative modalities during intentional interventions.

The WS Creative Arts Program works to facilitate the development of many therapeutic goals, such as:

  • Encouraging the self-expression of thoughts and feelings
  • Promoting a sense of independence and feelings of control
  • Improving sense of self worth
  • Improving emotional self-regulation
  • Improving self-efficacy
  • Improving the creative process of cause/effect problem-solving in the context of play

The Expressive Arts can make the difference between passivity and productivity.  Through the arts and the opportunity to experience the success of the arts, therapists structure sessions to reinforce cognitive, motor, and daily living skills.  To provide for and reinforce social skills development, the creative arts are commonly, although not exclusively, delivered within a group structure. Although explicit instruction is often necessary, the group setting allows for social skills development to arise with greater spontaneity and originality.  In addition to the goal of enhancing social interaction, the Creative Arts Program works to facilitate other individual learning or psychotherapeutic goals.

WS Creative Arts Program maintains an eclectic or diversely unified approach.  The program is therapeutic in that it is multi-sensory and involves visual-perceptual skills, requires coordination and fine motor control, teaches how to use objects purposefully, to follow directions, and build communication skills. The Creative Arts Program is unique in that it allows all individuals to work at their own pace and skill level and ultimately build self-esteem.

Eligibility criteria includes:

  • Any child, with or without a mental health diagnosis, is welcome to participate in Creative Arts (CA), as board certified music therapists work to assure that each child benefits individually
  • Child must be between the ages of 18 months and older
  • Child has reliable transportation to the various group and individual opportunities available at Wesley Spectrum
  • Parents and other individuals involved in the child’s treatment are welcome to observe and/or assist during sessions

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