Healthy Relationships Curriculum:

A Guide Into Adulthood

The Healthy Relationships Curriculum was developed by Dr. Lawrence Sutton and Wesley Spectrum for Schools and behavioral health organizations that serve students with autism and other cognitive challenges. This one-of-a-kind curriculum is designed from beginning to end to help educate, inform, and promote healthy relationships so that students can successfully transition into adulthood.

Benefits for Adolescents:

  • Keeps young adults safely in their homes and communities
  • Strengthens relationships with family members
  • Empowers adolescents to make plans for the future
  • Visual, role plays, and video demonstrations to teach critical skills

98% of Healthy Relationship Curriculum Users Say This Curriculum is Essential in Their Classrooms

Benefits for Districts & Providers:

  • Meets numerous core academic standards
  • Ready to use, with hands on training to empower teachers and group leaders to be productive from day one
  • Educates youth in hygiene and development essential to support positive recovery

Join Numerous School Districts & Organizations That Are Using This Unique Program Today!

School districts and treatment program, both public and private, have purchased this curriculum to help adolescents be safe as they grow older. These organizations are using this curriculum because it supports their efforts for young people to become independent, well-adjusted, happy adults.


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