Healthy Relationships Outpatient Groups

Our Autism Outpatient program runs groups utilizing the Healthy Relationships Curriculum for ages 12 and up.  In this group, participants learn the skills they need to improve their ability to form and maintain relationships with others; from friendships, to romantic relationships, to coworkers.  Groups are formed to match participants to others with similar needs. Trained facilitators tailor the lessons to the group’s specific needs.  The group goes through each of the three modules (self-care, sexual development, and forming and maintaining relationships) at a pace which is tailored to each group.  Group members have opportunities for hands-on learning, role playing, and discussion.

In order to be in a Healthy Relationships group, individuals will first be assessed by one of our outpatient therapy facilitators to ensure that groups are matched and that the group will meet the individual’s needs.  The therapist will also design a treatment plan with the family to target the needs identified to be addressed by the group. Groups typically meet once a week for 60-90 minutes, and run for about 36 weeks, but may be shorter or longer depending on needs that arise during the course of the group.

Benefits of participating in the groups run through Wesley Spectrum include expertise on the Healthy Relationships Curriculum, with oversight from Dr. Sutton and others who helped to develop the curriculum.  Each group will include two trained facilitators, at least one of whom is a licensed therapist.  All staff have expertise in working with individuals with a range of needs and abilities.

Participants do not need to have an autism spectrum diagnosis in order to be in groups, or to be seen in our Autism Outpatient program.

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