Wonder Kids

Kids playingWonder Kids (WK) is a social skills group for children ages 5 to 21 which provides therapeutic and social relationship interventions designed to teach and enhance age-appropriate social skills for those who have an Autism Spectrum or Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder diagnosis. WK is a step-down from traditional Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) or other intensive behavioral health service which typically will teach the prerequisite skills necessary to benefit from a social skills group.  WK may also be utilized as a stand-alone service or as an appropriate part of an intensive behavioral health discharge plan.

Eligibility criteria includes:

  • Child has a current Autism Spectrum or Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder Diagnosis
  • Child is between the ages of 5 and 21
  • Child has Medical Assistance (MA)
  • Child is able to consistently attend WK, has reliable transportation, and can be dropped off/picked up on time
  • Child has a current, appropriate psychological evaluation recommending a social skills group for a set number of hours (up to 12 hours a week)
  • Wonder Kids screening and, if applicable, ISPT meeting must both show that child has been determined eligible and appropriate for entry into WK

Please note, Wonder Kids is designed for children affected by Autism Spectrum or Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder Diagnoses who are not in need of higher level of care or one on one support.  This includes a high amount of TSS.  If child has a TSS, TSS hours need to be minimal and in the process of decreasing towards elimination.  The fading of TSS needs to be demonstrated by the Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS).

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