Family Focused Solution Based

A Happy Family.Family Focused Solution Based (FFSB) services is a team delivered, intensive, family focused, mental health service rendered in the home and community for children, adolescents, and/or adults with mental health diagnosis. Designed for families traditionally undeserved by the mental health system and for families involved with the child welfare, juvenile justice, and/or adult probation system due to risks of abuse or neglect, FFSB assists in preserving the family through both therapy and skill-building. FFSB works cooperatively with the involved child welfare, juvenile justice and/or adult probation systems. FFSB is also designed so that either a child or an adolescent, or a parent with a child(ren), may be the identified client (which is unique in the child and adolescent service system). As such, FFSB includes two service types: Family Focused Solution Based Services-Child(Allegheny County) and Family Focused Solution Based Services-Adult(Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties).

For Allegheny Counties 412-342-2300

For more information about the Allegheny County program or for information about making a referral, please contact

Connie Yeager

412-342-2338 Telephone

412-436-4305 Fax

For Westmoreland county 724-832-3600 (for Adult FFSB only)