CARES Program

The CARES program is a diagnostic evaluation and service planning program that is designed to better meet the needs of children and families through a new and unique approach.  WS CARES is dedicated to providing comprehensive initial evaluations for children and adolescents with behavioral health concerns in a way that integrates family system support and an all-inclusive approach to overall wellness.  We do this with the help of a specialized team of professionals working together to provide quality services and support

Connections to any necessary resources
Assessments by utilizing expert assessment skills and evidence based testing tools
Resources for recommended services after a comprehensive multi-disciplinary evaluation
Education for the family on what your child is going through
Support from our team to provide the best care and services from start to finish

The CARES team consists of:                                                                  

Navigator: Dedicated in providing support and education for parents. In addition to linking your child to their appropriate services.

Nurse Practitioner: Health care professional who will complete a thorough medical and developmental assessment.

Neuropsychologist: Licensed to evaluate behavioral and emotional symptoms.

Psych Tech: Professional who will complete evidence based specialized testing and assessment.

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