School Based Behavioral Health

78772643The number of students and families with behavioral health challenges is on the rise and expectations on schools are increasing.  Challenges to schools are further intensified by a downturn in the economy, pressure to meet governmental regulations and climates susceptible to bullying, aggression and depression among students.  By partnering with Wesley Spectrum School Based Behavioral Health services, the school community can give their students and teachers the best possible support.  Wesley Spectrum provides experienced therapists to enhance the continuum of services offered at school. 

Wesley Spectrum School Based Behavioral Health provides therapeutic expertise and services to meet the needs of students in each district.  We use a holistic approach involving the children, caregivers, educators and community providers to build strengths and reduce barriers to learning.

Our Master’s-prepared therapists blend mental health services with education through the school day.  We provide individual and group interventions which focus on building interpersonal skills, new coping options, conflict resolution, decision making and wellness planning.  The therapist can consult with teachers to help them understand how mental health challenges impact learning and create positive strategies to help students to overcome these challenges.  In addition, the therapist works to build a bridge to the home and community by engaging families and linking them to additional resources. 

Aligning with the concenpts of Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Support (SWPBS), the role of Wesley Spectrum staff persons can range from supporting students identified as the most critical in need and at risk for placement (Tier 3) to training teachers and administrators on building a safe, welcoming climate where students can learn.  We are a participant in the PAPBS Network and can support implementation of SWPBS in your district through our certified facilitators.   

In each school district, the nature of services are tailored to meet the unique and individual needs of the students, families, and school personnel.  The services are flexible, fluid and integrated into the school’s culture and climate.


Wesley Spectrum School Based Behavioral Health services are available in a range of urban to suburban districts and charter schools in western Pennsylvania.

There are various ways to support funding for SBBH services. Referrals are made through the home school district. Contract rates vary by services provided.

For more information, please contact School Based Behavioral Health Services Program Director, Barb Saunders at 412-347-4023 or


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