Family Preservation

Family Support services include family preservation and reunification services for youth involved in the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice systems. A variety of services including assessment, in-home family therapy, parenting skills, case management and referrals to community supports for basic needsA Happy Family. such as housing are available to address the underlying issues that threaten family stability. Services focus on the development of competencies and connection to supports in the community to strengthen families and prevent re-entry into care in the future. Juvenile Justice services include individual, group and family services based on a balanced and restorative justice approach that includes restitution, community safety, victim awareness and competency development. Many youth and families involved in the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice system also have unmet behavioral health needs that contribute to their current circumstances. Through Wesley Spectrum’s array of services, assessment and connection to behavioral health services is available to all families served in the Family Support programs.

Family Based Mental Health and Family Focused Solution Based Services fall under the umbrella of both the Family Support and Behavioral Health services. Children and/or families served must have a mental health diagnosis to receive these services. They may or may not be involved with other child services systems such as child welfare and juvenile justice.

The goal of these services is to prevent out of home placement of children due to their mental health issues by providing mental health treatment services in the home, school and community.


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