Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR) Host Home

kid paintingCommunity Residential Rehabilitation (CRR) Host Home provides treatment for children and youth who require out-of-home placement due to mental health needs, offering an alternative to traditional restrictive out-of-home options. Children and youth are placed in an approved home and a treatment team works with the child and child’s family of origin to facilitate reunification.

The treatment foster care service offered by Wesley Spectrum is an approved CRR program.  This program blends funding form several systems to better meet the needs of the children traditionally served in child welfare. Children entering this program must have a mental health diagnosis and must be referred from mental health or the child welfare systems.  A child in this program receives team delivered mental health services.  A therapist is assigned to provide individual and family counseling.  A skills mentor works with a child in the community setting.  The child is monitored by the program’s psychiatrist.  Foster parents in this program are provided with additional training and support.  They are instrumental in providing incentives for children to work towards a less restrictive level of care, by utilizing identified coping skills.  The foster parents are a vital part of the treatment team and participate in clinical meetings pertaining to the child.  The cooperative teamwork of the team has resulted in reduction of psychotropic medication reliance for children, stabilization in placements.

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