Post Permanency Services

Kids playingThe Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) Post Permanency Services are offered to all Pennsylvania families who have adopted, whether they adopted a child from the child welfare system, internationally, or privately; and to kinship and permanent legal custodianship families.  These services can ensure that families are provided the support they need for the long term and to encourage a positive life-long experience.

Once a family contacts the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-7926, personnel ask questions, gather information from the family and then explain the process for a family to receive the services. The family is provided with the contact information of local affiliate agencies in addition to Wesley Spectrum who offer the services they select. When Wesley Spectrum or another affiliate agency is chosen by the family, the referral is made and the 30-day Post Permanency Case Assessment process begins.

During the Post Permanency Case Assessment phase, a Wesley Spectrum master’s level therapist meets with all members of the permanency family to help the family identify their needs and how to strengthen and support the existing relationships/connections within the family unit.  The initial assessment will last approximately one month (30 days) and will consist of the post permanency worker gathering information needed to complete formal assessments and to assist in developing the family’s Family Support Plan.  At this time, the family along with the Wesley Spectrum post permanency worker identifies the needed Post Permanency services that will best meet the family’s needs and goals.  The Wesley Spectrum post permanency worker will make the needed referral to SWAN for the Post Permanency services : Advocacy/case Management,  Support Group, and Respite.

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