Wesley Spectrum Management Team:

Chief Executive Officer — Doug Muetzel — 

Chief Program Officer —Pam Weaver — 

Chief Administrator Officer —Marc Cosentino — 

Director of Finance —Emily Pietrzak — 

Director of Human Resources —John Clarkin — 

Director of Quality/Compliance Officer —Robin Kelly — 

Director of Public Policy and Strategy —Michelle Sloane — 

Physical Plant Manager —Bill Kennedy — 

Director of Autism Services — Kate Pompa — 

Director of Education Services —Amy Townsend — 

Director of Family Based Mental Health and Family Focused Solution Based Services — Connie Yeager — 

Director of Foster Care and Adoption — Annette Gross — 

Director of In Home Services and Transportation Services — Susan Jeffries — 

Director of Outpatient Services & Centralized Admissions —Dave Grabowski — 

Director of School Based Behavioral Health Services — Barb Saunders —